High Quality

    -ISO9001 certified company, We have a very robust quality system and professional quality team.

    -Reliable Supply ChainWe have established long-term strategic cooperation with the top electronic components manufacturers all over the world, such as Xilinx, TI, Avnet, Future and etc.

    -High manufacturing capability, our PCB can reach a max layers of 64, minimum placement component size can meet 0201 and minimum placement spacing of BGA can meet 0.3mm.

    -We have complete inspection and testing for PCBA, including SPIAOIICTFCTX-RAYROHS and aging.

Quick Response

    -We offer fast and opened BOM quotation to customers.

    -10 years of cooperation experience with European and North American clients,quickly and professionally respond customer requirements.

One Stop Service

    -We professionally offer the service of PCB Assembly (SMT, DIP, MI, AI), component procurement, product final assembly,testing, PCBA conformal coating,electronic product design and peripheral products support, etc.

    -We can offer small volume PCBA Quick turn service.

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