Quality Policy

    Cojoin shall always strive to supply a sustainable product on time with zero defects and at the lowest total cost.

    We shall always seek to identify and eliminate all kinds of risks before they occur:

        • Through improving the performance of our workers by continuously measuring quality performance.

        • Through our management system we continuously evaluate, adjust and follow up in order to develop all internal processes within Cojoin.

Environmental Policy

    Cojoin is committed to sustainable business, minimizing our environmental impact, complying with applicable laws and regulations and steering our stakeholders towards more sustainable products and processes.

    We shall always seek to identify and eliminate all kinds of risks before they occur through:

        • Taking full responsibility as we strive to identify, measure and control our own environmental aspects and minimize the environmental impact.

        • Work with sustainable product development and comprehensive quality improvement work to minimize scrap and resources used in the supply chain.

Sustainability Policy

    Cojoin is committed to sustainable business through constant stakeholder engagement / dialogue and measuring performance of our goals against the focus areas as defined in our sustainability strategy. We shall act in accordance with environmental, social and ethical considerations in our approach to business development, and act in compliance with laws.

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